How did the cops think they would get away with this?

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Before anyone is hired as a cop they should get an IQ test and a psychological evaluation.  This is just obscene.  Fire the cops, put them in jail and sue the city.

 {;-) Dan in Miami



We don't pay rural cops shit out here.

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We can't be too selective. 

Really, how smart do you have to do what they do 98% of the time? (Run speed traps)

I hope the cops get fired, lose everything in a lawsuit, and go to Hell.  I don't care what order.

Clearly the woman was out of control

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Sitting up in bed like that and snorting that oxygen. I hear that stuff can be habit forming.

You guys are late to the game again, kinda like you were

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with Ghana. Bwaaaaahahahaha.

Back in 2008, some brave Mounties took on the Canadian health care system:

Perhaps neiter country ...

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Now I like Canada.  After all, it's America's Hat.  But I don't think either country should allow gutless bullies with the IQ of Jello molds to join the police force no matter how badly they want to.

My sincere apologies to Jello.

Snivelling. Cowards.

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If (allegedly - we don't know the donut-consuming habits of these gendarmes) healthy young and middle-aged men can't deal with a suffocating, decrepit old granny without running a powerline through her, every other cop in every other beat ought to humiliate them until they resign (or commit suicide - that would work) in shame.  Because otherwise, it would lead civilians to think that cops are incompetent bullies who are incapable of keeping the peace without overwhelming firepower.

And WTF possessed 911 to send the frickin' *police* department instead of an ambulance?  Or sent them along with it?  Why were the fuzz there to begin with?


Now, guys...

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...she might have broken her hip and stabbed the cops with the shards if they hadn't tased her.


Safety first.


~There ain't no Devil, just God when He's drunk.~


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