Drag Me To Hell

What what what? I can't believe nobody is talking about this flick on a site full of erstwhile movie nerds.

What's wrong with you people!


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I will see it this weekend.

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This is an absolute must-see.  What was Raimi's last non-spidey flick? The Gift? That was freakin' awesome. Way moreso than Texarkana, where I will be stuck for the next 3-4 weeks.  Anybody need some extra sweat?

So nobody else has seen it?

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Srsly?  Who am I supposed to talk to about this flick if nobody else has seen it!


There was one part of the final scene that made it all the more disturbing, and I haven't seen any discussion of it at all.   I'll not say any more because I can't figure out how to spoiler tag/hide text 'round these parts, but I hope some of you clowns can pull yourself away from youtube and porn long enough to check out a fantastic horror flick.

It hasn't opened here yet

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I haven't been to the movies in months.

It's pulling a 93% on the Tomatometer

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Isn't that unprecedented for a movie of this genre?

Friggin' Awesome.

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Raimi is the man. Period. 

He is the master of campy-but-spot-on scares/excitement. Not a second is wasted, and everything makes sense here within the universe of this flick.  I loved it.

Full disclosure: I am predisposed toward this sort of reaction RE: raimi flicks. They appeal to my sensibilities...I mean, how can you not love a victim of an evil-spirit possession dancing over a fire during a seance?

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