Drug Question: LEMMON 714 -- Methaquallone -- Qualudes

Someone I know was selling them, saying they were qualudes.  Intriqued as I thought qualudes went out with the 70's I looked it up on the internet.  The pills he was selling had the imprint LEMMON 714.  according to what I found, that was in fact what the original qualude pills were marked with, however, production of the pill by pharmacudical companies stopped in 1982.  So the question is, what 'n the heck are these things he's selling?


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Dude, those are a complete ripoff! Don't take them thay could make you sick. I used to get wasted on ludes back in the '70s and they quit making them in the early '80s. Save your money and don't buy any of them. Later, My Friend

Oops, kinda embarrased I posted that!

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Musta been pretty out there when I did, happy to say I wouldn't now, I hope.

Ludes equals rock world, fight,sex,morning wake up to a gun/jail

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I did them in the early 80's and sold them too. There were fakes out there back then also. You could tell by snapping them in half. The fakes were soft and would break easy --- the real ones were hard as shit to break and would make a snapping sound when you did.

GREAT TIMES with them. Use to get wasteddddddddddddddddddd -- drink and smoke weed on top of it. Just made it better. Crazy times---- got be busted in Deptford NJ --- went to the rock world convention in philly -at the old cenvention center, was wasted,Got into a fight on broad street with some brothers --- dude came out of a car and i tried to drop him but was too slow from the ludes and he clocked me dead in the forehead, gave me an instant headache. Then met 2 girls and they took me back to their place in Deptford --- fucked the girl - woke up the next day with the management of the apartment standing over me --- they broke into the place and were squatting. I got up, bounced of the walls a few times. (cant get your balance the next day when you wake up on ludes) jump in my car and next thing you know i'm at gunpoint and taken to jail charged with burgulary.

Just another Crazy night in the early 80's

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