Due to advancements in genetic engineering we present...

TEA CUP BABIES!!! Adults reach a max. 2 ft in height! Perpetual cuteness assured! These are not midgets or dwarfs!



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That's not exactly

RidingFool's picture

my cup of tea.

I like the idea of 1,000 4 inch tall Rajah's running around

TMundo's picture

One would have clown shoes, the other would be wiping the black makeup off his face (yes, I did see that picture) and so on...

The only thing funnier than possibly a bunch of 4 inch tall TMundos running around, would be a bunch of 4 inch Coasters.

You should read Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick

Rajah's picture

In the future the chinese shrink themselves down so small the become a plague, people inhale them!

I'm sure inhaling a bunch of Rajahs would make a body sick

Nah...Rajahs does a body good...

TMundo's picture

...pass it on!


Presently I really want to get the Dune book n read up. But Vonnegut and Slaughter House 5 sounds goood too. And I must ad that film to my collection.

Four-inch coasters

RidingFool's picture

are too big. They take up a lot of room on the bar.

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