Dumbass judge and pants back for another round of abject stupidity

It highlights the intense stupidity of a legal system

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that bathes in the glory of being the self-described finest democracy in the world, yet shutters the rights of the disenfranchised Korean and forces him into bankruptcy and humiliation.

Unfortunately, the Korean defendant in this case won't sue the ass off of this moron because he can't afford it. In America, Koreans are lower down on the totem than blacks, and thus, I'm sure, why the case continues.

They coined the term...

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..."Dickhead" many eons ago in anticipation of that guy's arrival.

The judge even got fired...

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...and he's suing over loosing his job? They should look into all his past court rulings, it almost sounds like he's incompetant. What kind of decisions would a judge like that make?

He ALMOST sounds incompetent?

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He sounds like a complete lunatic!  I don't understand why the court system is condoning this appalling behaviour.


Aren't there guidelines to filing civil suits like this one?

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I mean there've got to be guidelines or people would be suing all the time, and many claim that that's the case, but come on, aren't there guidelines and limitations to what and how much you can sue for?

You have to look at it from the judge's point of view

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I mean come on, they're call law SUITS, not law sport-coats-and-slacks.

I was going to say I hope that idiot ex-judge gets hit by a bus, but that would be too fast. Instead, I hope he gets run over by a dope smoking low rider.

Note: I had to be silly here because Riding Fool was being serious in this thread and somebody had to do it.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


I managed to string together a couple of incoherent sentences

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and Coaster calls me all serious and shit.

What's the world coming to?

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