The EARTH is 6,000 YEARS OLD

You can tell he's a scientist cause he's wearing a lab coat


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But is he wearing pants?

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It's in a book, so therefore it must be true. Christ on mighty - if you'll pardon the expression. Let's fire up the ovens and go on a burning spree.

But wait...

I watched the video, and now I believe!I believe! Oh do I believe!

One of yootoobes problems is that Rajah is forcing me to watch this stuff.

Stop it, Rajah. Stop it right now!

Is Grover wearing pants?

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The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Yeah, infact, he's wearing a white leisure suit...

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like that guy in that computer game.

Porky Pig doesn't wear pants

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Hmmm, could it be Riding Fool is...?

I think this guy is RF

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Can't be.

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He's wearing pants.

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