The edit function

could be problematic. I like the sites that don't let you change what you've written after the fact - we've already got the preview. Discussions/arguments (especially long ones) get very confusing when someone starts editing their posts from the beginning of the thread.

BTW: this post was in no way edited from the original, and then edited again, and then changed back to the original. Nope, no way, nosirree!


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I've seen whole threads rendered even more unintelligible than usual on other boards  by a sore loser or whiny twat going back and editing or deleting the text of their ill-considered posts.


About that

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You should have a time limit, maybe only 15 minutes to edit?

I think

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that anyone who attempts to overthrow the Republicans should be drawn and quarter-horsed.

Well, that's what the "preview" button is for

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Gives you the chance to correct mistakes, but doesn't allow after the fact editing. I think that's all we really need.

Oh shure, the preview button.

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Come on, nobody uses that.


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is on my side.

He started it.

HTML!!! It's like the 21st

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HTML!!! It's like the 21st Century in here!


At the least...

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there should be an indication that the post was edited.

Edit Function

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It seems that my regular user test account can't edit a comment he made earlier. There should be a time limit already built in. Please let me know on some of the older comments you have made.

Well, no limit here

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apparently. I just changed the original post...

Yes, but you're sneaky that way.

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Also on comments

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I changed them to where they show oldest first, the way most other websites are. Good for user friendliness. But I also added a way for you to change this functionality yourself. Scroll down to the bottom of any comments section to see the controls.

Cool, thanks!

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Looks much better now, but I like that it's customizable!

Poopy pants, or poopy chaps - it's all the same -

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cannot be avoided.

Why not, one might ask?

Well this is interesting...

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I can no longer edit the original post, nor comments 24 or 58, but comments 53 and 59 are still editable.


Yes, there is a time limit

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Yes, there is a time limit for editing comments. And I'm trying to figure out just where that time limit is defined.

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