Educational film thread

I remember seeing this movie in school about 40 years ago! (The shark isn't exactly Spielbergian.)





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There should be at least one rule for their island

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All the kids must go swimming

I liked the last bit

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The part where they encourage kids to ask for an explanation for any rule they don't like.  I'll bet some of them got this explanation: "Because I said so!  You want a smack?"

This sort of film reflects insecurity.  For grownups in the '50s, it wasn't enough for a kid to obey the rules, they wanted him to BELIEVE in rules!



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That was simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.

They actually showed that to you in school?

They really should've made that into an MST3K episode.

I really only remember two educational films from school:

The first was a "bus safety" film that showed children involved in horrific bus accidents.  As an elementary school kid, it was really pretty traumatizing to see Little Mary running home with an art project she made for Mom, only to be struck and killed by an oncoming bus.

The second was a film about epilepsy.  I don't know why they thought epilepsy was such an important subject for 4th graders, but they showed it to us nevertheless.  (I suspect the teachers just got a good laugh about it.)  I remember someone in the film suffering an epileptic fit in the produce department at the grocery store, and that's about it. 

If they were truly interested in school bus safety

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They would install seat belts in them.

Having been a student myself and having raised two kids who went to public schools in several states, I can categorically state that I have never seen a seat belt on a school bus other than the one worn by the driver. 

Well, seat belts cost money, and we can always get more kids.


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But this one is for laughs!

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keep in mind it it satire, right?

Didn't Ted Bundy kill all his victims...

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within the United States?

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