At least wake me up so I can properly say goodbye to Mr. Happy!


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Cancer of the penis

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Can a man suffer a worse fate?  I wonder if the doctors fucked up and concocted a story to cover their mistake.

No medical professional would even consider concockting

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Oh for Christ's sake, now I'm double posting

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because the first four times I posted a reply to Mal's comment wouldn't go through.

Sorry about that.

They were being submitted as

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They were being submitted as spam, which is why they hadn't shown up yet.  Any comment with a link goes through the spam filter.  Sorry about that.  I hope it starts getting smarter faster.  But generally comments with just a link and little to no other text are automatically marked.

But authenticated users aren't supposed to be taken throught the filter.  Still looking into why that's not working.

If it doesn't start learning better soon, I'll turn it off.

No prob. Now that we all know, we'll be much more attentive.

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Won't we?

Speaking of cancer of the penis, here's an Arkansas family

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with plenty to go round.

There was a time, not so long ago, when members of the Roman Catholic faithful would be proud to stand in for the Virgin Mary, but now it appears that American evangelicals have become the butt of all the jokes.

I'd bet that after all them fiddles get a good shit-kickin' workout and the tired, grinnin' chillun are packed off to the barn, the lights are darkened and the missus gets a good goin'-over in bed.

There will be no semen stains left behind on that mattress after the old man ties the dutiful wife upside-down against the headboard. Actually, the dutiful wife doesn't need to be tied up-side down on her head. By the grace of God, that would be her normal nightly sleeping position.


RE: Spam Filtered

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Ah, that explains some of the problems I'd been having.  Thank you.

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