Election Day Party Thread!

Hey everybody please put your election day posts in this thread.  We can make it a party all day long!,p> This campaign has been going on for two years now!  Time to put on your party hats and celebrate Obama's election!  Yes I am that sure.

  The only way the Republicans can take Flori-duh is if they cheat.  They can't really do that in Miami-Dade county because we now have optical scan voting.  There will be a clear paper trail.  The Cubans here may vote for Grampy McSame but just about everyone else will be voting for Obama if they didn't do so already with early voting.

 The most recent poll shows Obama ahead of Grampy by only 2 percent in Flori-duh.  I am convinced this is an under-count.  For one thing there are 600,000 more registered Dems than Republicans in Flori-duh.  The Dems have gained 400,000 registered voters over the GOP since the 2004 election.  And of course blacks here - as everywhere in the USA - have been energized to go out and vote for a black candidate for Prez.

 If McGrampy can't win Flori-duh he can't win period.

 So I predict Obama will win Flori-duh - my home state - and then the general election.

 If you live in the USA please predict who will win your state.  The most accurate predictions will be rewarded with limitless amounts of Cranky-bucks plus bragging rights for the next four years.

 {;-) Dan in Miami

 For the latest Florida poll results please go here:




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I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Oklahoma goes McBush

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People here don't want change. People here like Bush. People here believe the War on Iraq is justified because Saddam was behind the attacks of 9/11 and because we just haven't found where that clever man hid the WMD's yet. People here think Obama is a Muslim and a socialist. People here think Sarah Palin is totally qualified to step in for McCain in the event the actuaries are spot on. People here believe Obama wants to take their guns away. People here believe Obama will raise their taxes, not lower them despite the fact that the per capita income for this state is $32,210 (2006).  People here believe the world was created in six days.  At least one person here believes that God created brains on the seventh day, but ran out of 'em before he got to Oklahoma. 

Impossible! Well, the brains thing, anyway.

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Every Oklahoman without a brain is already in Alaska. Everybody knows that.

Kel-i-fornia was a Hillary state, but even so...

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...there won't be any surprises here.

VERY long lines at the polls this morning.

Go Obama!



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is always blue.  Well, I think maybe we chose Reagan the incumbent, but that's about it.

I have butterflies in my tummy!  Am I lame?  Don't care - tonight I am gonna Barack out with my cock out!



I'll be votin' Obama...

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All the experts seem pretty certain Obama will win.  I just talked to a McCain supporter today.  He mearly said he was voting McCain based on his years of experience in congress.  I told him that I'm neither dem nor repub, and that both parties have agreeable ideologies, but as of recent, the republicans have been too corrupt, and don't really follow the lines of what their party represents.  I said, when the dems get in office, the economy gets better, but when we got Bush Jr. in, it was right back to the same cronyism again.  I told him I just can't take any more corruption.  He said that's why he was voting for McCain, in the hopes that he would get rid of all that.

I can't speak for this guy, but it seems that there are some people out there who want to have a reason to stick with their party.  That's why you get all these people thinking Obama is a Muslim, it was the first thing they heard, an it was enough for them to stay republican.  They didn't bother to find out whether or not it was true, because they already had the excuse they needed to stick with their party.

I don't know why people can't figure out that as of recent 10-20 years, the republicans have had a lot of corruption in their party, and in the last 8 years it's been so blatant one has to scratch their head as to why people are so commited to just one party.

I voted last week.

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God, I hate elections. I say we limit campaigning to five weeks, no goddamn TV ads, real debates (not photo-op/soundbite sessions) and the loser also is seperated from his US citizenship and has to live alone in a Quonset hut on Greenland.






~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


I think we have too many rednecks here in Georgia...

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For the state to go blue this time but I hope I'm wrong

*Hope* that's a new concept for me!

Dan, I sincerely hope you're right!

I'd really enjoy smiling tomorrow

Yeah, smiling will be new to me too

I'm also hope I can call my brother Mike tonight and laugh laugh laugh

Yeah, I'm a mean bastard but I think I'm pass due for this

O Wulfgar

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You mean you want the British way of campaigning?  Say it ain't so!

So the pommy bastards got something right.

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On my second Scotch of the night.

~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


Jews drink koolaid for the new Messiah

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Sarah Silverman to the contrary - any jew in Florida who votes for Perez Hilton Obama is an idiot. Our beloved Joe Lieberman (that's what President McCain calls him) has the right scoop.Obama is in leaque with Farhakhan & the rest of the DFAs.

I'm with Wulfgar (my, how times change))

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Our recent Canadian stealth election had a mandated less than two month time period from it being called, expenditures are strictly monitored and transparent and the loser if he's liberal gets to be emasculated particularly if he's francophone. If he's conservative he gets to join a law firm and gets a corner office. Happily, once again we distrust Harper enough not to let him have the total control of the keys to the kingdom.

Unfortunately, Obama is going to be hamstrung by the fact that Bush and the Repukes have bankrupted the country, dug massive military holes abroad into which money is still being shoveled and Bush is desperately making changes to regulations so that the country can be further despoiled by his cronies.  The rump Republican senators will obstruct any Democratic legislation that is not lobbyist approved unless the Dems do what the repubs threatened with regard to filibustering cloture.  Either that or exhausting the bastards by actually making them stand and speak on a continuous basis.

Still I wish him well.  We need an America that rejoins the world community and works cooperatively to solve transnational problems ( and that includes terrorism)

Hit the road Palin!

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Wish Georgia could have helped

The South has nothing to be proud of except Florida

Hey, where's ex-man? Haemotoma?

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