Elizabeth Taylor, gone but never forgotten

Speaking of gone but not forgotten (not to hijack my own thread), whatever became of mia_wallace?


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She don't come around here no more

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Moved on like so many crankylanders

What is your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie?

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& don't say THE FLINTSTONES. I like the 3 Tennessee Williams movies she made especially SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER - the movie is in B&W and there is a scene on the beach where she is in a white bathing suit. Absolutely gorgeous.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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Intense man.  Intense. 

I swear shit like that happens whenever me and the Mrs. have people over for dinner.  Proabably why we can never get anyone to come over here more than once.

I liked the one where she played a whore

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No wait a minute, that was all of them


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You have to see it a second time to really appreciate its greatness.


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