The Emmys

Who among us will be sitting on the edge of their seat, with baited breath, nervously chewing on fingernails, while anxiously awaiting the declaration of "Hostest with the Mostest"?

* loud cheering ensues as some head-shaven, washed-up comic known primarily for his ability to stretch a rubber glove over his head and look famously stupid proudly accepts the award and thanks everyone he knows in the entire universe *

Although, I must admit that I absolutely love his show when poor black folk are encouraged by family remembers twice removed, to turn down more money than they'd make in a lifetime, only to end up with a virtually empty briefcase. Shonelda ain't never had it so good - for about a minute.

Excuse my rambling, but the best of the best occurred when a fat black woman turned down every single thing she was offered - including a weight loss program from her favorite trainer - for an audition and a shot at a single walk-on appearance in some unheard-of play off broadway. In my book, watching that entire show was worth every single minute of my wasted life.

Now for the disclaimer: I never watch the thing unless I'm flipping channels and happen upon a good one. Although, for an elderly gentleman such as myself, it does put me in the mood for an early, pre-bedtime snooze.

Bottom line: let's hear it for Howie Mandel, that washed-up Canadian comic, folks.


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Carrot Top stole his act!

Rajah's picture

Or he stole it from him. Anyway now he hosts a game show. Doomed to oblivion like Drew Carey!

Carrothead has also taken so many steroids

RidingFool's picture

that his biceps are, at any minute, about to explode. Speaking of exploding biceps, has anyone seen the documentary on the freak who actually has had his biceps explode from doing too many 'roids? It's one of the more grotesque things I've seen, and I've seen a few.

That's a pretty good picture of him, back when. Now, he is both literally and figuratively a broken man.

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