Explain your avatars!

I get most them but some I don't

Riding Fool is that your ex-wife?


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Mine is of a close friend...

TMundo's picture

...it is an exercise in special effects using perspective photography. The guy featured looks like he has a large belly, and the beer looks a bit big as well. However, from the right angle, proportions are skewed. No, it is not meant to infer that I'm a drunk, or that I like beer, but it looks funny, and is quite the random choice, there are others and I plan to alternate them.

She's my favorite cigar-girl

RidingFool's picture

oops now mine is something else...

TMundo's picture

must I bother to explain here in this forum every time I change my, avatar? That's just such a weird word for a picture.

I *AM* Ralph Drabble

Coaster's picture

I've been told my resemblance to Ralph Drabble and his lifestyle are so remarkable that I ought to sue Kevin Fagan for appropriating my life without my permission.

Johnny Cash

Critico's picture

Probably his most infamous picture, an ad he put up thanking mainstream country radio and the city of Nashville for their support after winning the Grammy for best country album for Unchained.

Slow days at work, I'll do

daz's picture

Slow days at work, I'll do chain mail.

That's one of my cats, wearing some armor. He absolutely hates it - damn cute!

Mine is a Cincinnati Bengal

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

If someone has a better idea I am open to suggestions.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS: No porn actors please.

You could have a picture of Bootsy Collins

TMundo's picture

McCrosky about to jump out the tower.

michael3b's picture

They're comin' RIGHT AT US!!!

I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw that...

TMundo's picture

...one of my favorite scenes, althougj there seem to be a lot of favorite scenes.

If the General does come over

Rajah's picture

I was planning on using either a picture of a sock puppet or George C. Scott as Patton

My current avatar is of course Pennywise the Clown

Everybody loves a clown!

Mine is a photo of a winter sunrise...

Mal_Content's picture

taken from my living room window. I didn't do anything to this photo - those colours are real.

The snow appears to be missing.

RidingFool's picture

But I don't miss the snow.

Well, if I'd taken a photo of the ground,

Mal_Content's picture

you would have seen a couple of feet of it. But then I wouldn't have gotten those great colours.

I don't know if I'm going to miss the snow, or not. I guess I'll find out in a couple of months.

Miss the snow.

RidingFool's picture

* collapses in peals of laughter *

Let me know if you do and I'll send you a bitchslap via MrC's.

It's the same Avatar I use at fictionpress

scarlet_ohara's picture

So I figured I'd use it here too.

I'll let you know once I get one...

MH's picture

Question is, what's the best way to shrink an image so it fits the avatar parameters? Photography's a hobby of mine, and I'm thinking of using some of the pictures I've taken as avatars (none of them have my face in them), but they're all way too big for these purposes.

Here's a link that will shrink your pictures

Coaster's picture


Just set the size to 85. It will shrink the picture to avatar size and give you three cropping options.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


I didn't see the need to shrink the pic...

TMundo's picture

...although it didn't have particularly high res to begin with Io just uploaded it and the sit automatically shrank it.

By the way, Raj, if the general needs a pic, just let me know.

T, I take it you're volunteering a pic for The Little General

Coaster's picture

because there won't be a need to shrink that one either?

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


One half of our nation's coat of arms.

Kangagang's picture

Also quite tasty in a red wine sauce.

I had kangaroo once, if they hadn't told me what it was...

TMundo's picture

...I wouldn't have really noticed. It was like beef, but slightly chewier. Not to say that what I had was a good selection.

Ah Mundo! They Overcooked It!

Rageoholic's picture

Roo has to be seared really fast...and you have to get thin filets...cuz there is so little fat on a Roo.

basically we are looking at 7 mm cuts...HOT griddle or bbq...and TWO minutes aside ONLY...

more than that...and its gonna be like rubber.


god id love some of that about now.


My current one...

Wulfgar's picture

...is a cartoon character (surprise, surprise) from the 60s; he was featured in the back-up cartoon to Space Ghost (Dinoboy in the Lost Valley).


Creatively, he was named "Ugh".


You could also use a herculoid...

TMundo's picture

...that would suffice. Personaly, I liked those amoeba-like blobs, Gloop and Gleep was it? I like the sound they used to make, unfortunately I can't type that sound.

A memento from a bygone era.

MAYORBOB's picture

It is the unit patch for members of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (67-69). Put me on the ramparts of freedom, winning the hearts and minds of the people while screwing their daughters and smoking some of the best primo weed at the time.


Xur's picture

From the tiny picture and your headline, I thought it was a vajayjay.

Mitsurugi from the Soul

Ronin's picture

Mitsurugi from the Soul Calibur series of video games. What better icon for a (Modern)Ronin?

The 85x85 pixel limitation makes it hard to see, but if you squint, in the upper-left corner of the icon there are two Japanese characters: "ro" ("wave") and below that, almost totally obscured, an upside-down Y looking character "nin" ("person"). For a better look, click here.

None other than. . .

Wally_Pipp's picture

Mr. Walter Clement Pipp, First Baseman for the World Champion New York Yankees, ca. 1925.

Best regards, Wally

I'm a fan of classic cartoons

FearlessFreep's picture

It's Super Chicken and Fred in the Super Coop!


"The money was returned to its rightful owners--the crooks!"

"When you hear that cry in the sky, you'll know it's Super Chicken... and his faithful polka-dot Easter egg!"


All together, now!

Wally_Pipp's picture

When you find yourself in danger,
When you're threatened by a stranger,
When it looks like you will take a lickin',
(Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!)

There is someone waiting, who will
Hurry up and rescue you, just
Ca-a-a-a-aaallll for Super Chicken!
(Bawk! Ack!)

He will drink his super sauce
And throw the bad guys for a loss
And he will bring them in alive and kickin'
(Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!)

There is one thing you should learn
When there is no one else to turn to
Ca-a-a-a-aaallll for Super Chicken!
(Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!)
Ca-a-a-a-aaallll for Super Chicken!
(Bawk! Ack!)

Best regards, Wally

I'm just a dude

beer radley's picture

Used to be dirtyhippiefreak, but I'm not so dirty, hippyish or freaklike anymore. Hence, just a dude.

I was wondering what happened to you...

TMundo's picture

...good t know you're styill around, the new names here make it hard to figure oou who's who.

I've changed my avatar to look more like me

Rajah's picture

Pennywise was starting to creep me out


RidingFool's picture

I get tired of the road after a while. Not to mention the food.

Are you saying you're sick of eating roadkill?

TMundo's picture

...come on! Someone's got to eat that stuff!


RidingFool's picture

I wanted to show off my pumpkin avatar.

It's the pumpkinification of Riding Fool!

FearlessFreep's picture

Fans of Roman satire will get the joke.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Yeah (LOLing)...

Coaster's picture

Roman Satire kills around here. 

There's no kinification involved.

RidingFool's picture

It's all in your imagination, you perverts.


Rageoholic's picture

this is ME..just before I came here.

Is that really you, Dave?

Terribelle's picture

Huh, weird -- I mean, you don't *look* gay.

My avatar is self-explanatory, and totally fuckin' adorable, obviously.


Rageoholic's picture

im into trannies...straight guys are into trannies..everyone KNOWS that.



Yeah, keep tellin' yourself that, pumpkin

Terribelle's picture

My love for you is unconditional, Dave.  Everyone knows THAT.

Just curious

Wally_Pipp's picture

What makes you say he doesn't look gay? For future reference, of course.

He looks like someone doing Shakespeare in the Park, if you ask me.

Best regards, Wally

Mother Teresa?

Rajah's picture

As if!

Ragey, is that a gun you're holding to your head?

Rajah's picture

My personal preference is to be beaten to death by a girl scout troop

It Aint No Hot Dog

Rageoholic's picture

ah the beauty of firearms.

does that moustache make me look gay?..i ask of a guy dressed like a clown..

i would rather be EATEN by a girl scout troop..

or is it troupe?


Only if it's a pencil thin moustache

Rajah's picture

Body hair is manly

Shaving is gay

The Boston Blackie kind?

Wally_Pipp's picture

Or a two-toned Rickie Ricardo jacket

And an autographed picture of Andy Devine?

Best regards, Wally

I'm assuming mine's easy to get.

MadNessMonster's picture

But it's a teenie-tiny version of Nessie based off the Advanced Generation "Pokemon" sprites.  Drawing that small is a bitch.

(But if anyone wants help making an avatar, me and my Bachelor's degree in Commercial Art [deep, heart-rending sigh] are here for you.)

It's Hikage Cat. =)

Loungelizzard's picture

It's Hikage Cat. =)

What's to explain?

gamerarocks's picture

I think mine is rather self-explanitory, perhaps I'm wrong.  I use it here, for gaming, on other sites.  (except on [as] where I like the Grand Galactic Inquisitor)  So in keeping with that avatar, IGNORE ME!

Mine is a visual pun

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture



Think family and geography.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Tetsuo Shima from Akria

nickumoh's picture

One of my favorite anime films. Pic taken in the movie just when things got very bad, or very good, depending on your perspective.

I plan on changing my avatar soon. I want to have a pic of me wearing a gladiator mask (last years halloween costume also because I am a big fan of the rapper MF Doom), with an Ohio State Buckeye sticker on the right cheek. I will also use that avatar for ESPN.

Go Bucks!

...what...what were talking about again?

It's Gort.  He's waiting

Drew_Atreides's picture

It's Gort.  He's waiting for this remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" to come out to determine if he should just wipe the earth clean and start over, or not.


Klattu.  Barada....Necktie.


The cockpit.. what is it?

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