Finally had a KFC Double Downer

They say I should be getting out of the hospital soon


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Come on, Raj! This from the guy who sat down

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to the pool table salad bar at the East Side Café in Sandusky? You should have taken the ambulance to the window and demanded a second Double to go.

I have eaten Chicken Cordon Blue

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Its pretty much the same thing without bacon, its delicious.

My Dad says he read an article on KFC years ago...

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...this was during the 80's I think, it was concerning their popcorn chicken.  Apparently some testing was done and they had found very little traces of actual chicken in the nuggets.  This begs the question, what exactly did they find?

Don't think I could eat another........ever!

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Hey, the bread is there for a reason that's why they call them sandwiches! You need something to soak up the grease and stuff.

My wife and I had some shortly after thay came out

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We feel no need at all to have another. 


Who makes that cheese burger nestled between two....

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Krispy Creme donuts? Rajah's gotta try that once!

And yesssssssss, I have a death wish

Ahhh, that's a classic, supposedly created by Luther Vandross

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...but I think that's nothing more than a mean joke, the boondocks did a whole episode on it called the itis, seen here:



It must have been what killed him

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Rest in pieces Luther

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