Five Easy Pieces

should have turned into five greasy fingers. Had he balled his fingers into a fist, Jack could have sucker-punched Karen Black and dropped her off on the side of the road with the other two hitch-hikers - not that I advocate violence against women, of course.

Has Karen Black ever actually acted? In anything?

I quite enjoyed Jack's order for toast. I've felt that way myself many times while trying to get exactly what I wanted in greasy spoons across North America and Mexico.

Although, once upon a time in the high desert there was this delightful little waitress with hair down to her ass who brought me anything I wanted for a couple of weeks. And then there was the other one that tried to stick a knife in me. Little did I know that even though women hate each other, they still talk. Oh well. Maybe I'll eventually get women figured out.

I did like the ending.


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Karen Black is one creepy looking bitch

Rajah's picture

Yesssssssss, that scene in the greasy soup is a classic

don't be dissing Ms. Black

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She had a small part in Easy Rider, a big part in the original Airport where she played the stewardess who had to land the plane, she had a supporting role in the Great Gatsby and has worked continously incl a recent role in one of Rob Zombies epics. one of my favorites is Burnt Offerings with Bette Davis and also the last movie Alfred Hitchcock made.

I think it's her eyes

Rajah's picture

Those creepy creepy eyes

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