Formerly unemployed, but now you have the new job jitters?

Relax. Take a break. Calm down. Do something to take the edge off.


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What ever happened to...

Mal_Content's picture

good, old-fashioned wanking?  Guys are so strange.

So this is what it takes

RidingFool's picture

to get Mal out of the woodwork.

So that's where she's been!

Rajah's picture

What kind of woodwork?

Lost in that wardrode again, I'd wager

Well, yes,

Mal_Content's picture

but you probably already knew that.

There isn't much you can do to make wanking more interesting...

TMundo's picture

...however, I recall a website that featured all sorts of submitted masturbation techniques.  One included taking a sock, putting a condom in it, filling the condom with lube, putting the sock/condom between two mattresses and then going to work at it.

I guess my point was, TMundo,

Mal_Content's picture

how elaborate does it really have to be?  Grab a porn mag and some lube, and you're in business.  Works for me, anyway... ;-)


RidingFool's picture

What's that?

Well, you need fantasy

Rajah's picture

<starts thinking of Bea Arthur>


Japanese fart porn is what gets me off.

HS's picture

To quote Sage Rajah, yessss!



^^^ Another Tubgirl fan

Rajah's picture


That's just gross.

Mal_Content's picture

Sounds like you two have gone over to the darth side...

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