Fox News is getting more of what it deserves:

Glen Beck! I can't wait to see what slag the Cartoon News Network is going hire to replace him.


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If only Nancy Grace would go with him

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When Beck and Grace showed up on CNN Headline, a pretty good news station was ruined.  Instead of the headline news with features, we began receiving a minimum of TWENTY-EIGHT FREAKIN'HOURS PER WEEK (NOT counting weekends!) of prime-time Glen Smirk and The Bitter Bitch.  Ugh!  Good riddance.  But I'm not holding out hope, though.  They'll probably replace Beck with an even bigger asshole like Michael Savage.

Those bastards at CNN obviously have neither a sense of pride nor shame.

I prefer MSNBC

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I like my news to confirm what I already believe to be true. Opposing view points confuse Rajah! I'm big enough to admit that you're wrong and I'm right. I have no problem with that. Just agree with me and we'll get along fine.

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