A Fuck You to Seth Rogen


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shouldn't the fuck you be to Jody Hill who wrote the script and directed the movie?


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I know what I won't be watching.

Time Traveler's Wife is coming out on August 10, btw.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas...

TTW does seem interesting

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Now I feel both a bit guilty and immature for wanting to see this one so bad I'll probably take a sick day from work the day this comes out.

Coaster's pick for BIGGEST FILM OF THE YEAR

Trekkie's heads simotaneously implode...

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...from excitement for a new Star Trek film comming out and disappointment in knowing that the film could never live up to their expectations.

I've enjoyed ALL the Trek movies.

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What in the world would possibly make anyone think there's the remotest possibility I wouldn't enjoy this one? 

Naw, smart money has the Coaster couple grinning from ear to ear after viewing the new Star Trek.  Along with all the other true Trekkies.

My speakers are not working

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So i couldn't see the video, but i do know about the scene they are talking about, but i do want to see the movie. The Foot Fist Way, is an odd little movie but it has some good laughs, the thing is that Observe and Report doesn't have the genius Danny Mcbride in the lead, which each movie i have seen of him he is turning into my favorite actor.

A comment i just saw in Dave Poland's Hotblog

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Dave, it's so weird how you don't get it.

Ronnie is delusional. The scene is intended to show us the depths of his delusion. He doesn't believe he is taking advantage of her, he believes this is the culmination of a romantic night where

- he waited outside her house for hours because she forgot they had a date and went drinking with other people. In his delusion, he thinks this is romantic.

- they went to a restaurant and she proceeds to get utterly shit faced (of her own volition) and takes the medication he needs for his bi-polar disorder (of her own volition) and proceeds to act like a jackass. In his delusion, he thinks she is fun and they are having a great time.

- they came home and she vomits and he kisses her anyway. In his delusion, he believes this is a moment of deep connection.

The scene is not a joke on date rape (and seriously, so what if it was? Do you see the difference between being in bad taste about something and actually doing that thing? It's a HUGE DIFFERENCE. You're getting all 1980s Republican party on us here, Ed Meese). It's supposed to be uncomfortable and it's supposed to offer us insight into just how deeply delusional Ronnie is. He goes to Brandi the next day at the mall and doesn't understand why she isn't delighted to see her new boyfriend.

I would love for you to take this ignoring the facts of the text and confusing fiction with reality form of movie reviewing and use it on films like THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I want to see you get outraged at how bowling alleys are portrayed.

Not just a "fuck you," but a "Friday Feminist fuck you."

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I didn't know that scene was in the movie.  Sounds bad.  But IMHO, Seth Rogen is become overexposed anyway.  Enough already!



If you think a Star Trek remake is bad, check this out

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Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale as John Connor I guess.  I don't have speakers here at work, well, I do but I'm not gonna turn them on.  Anyway, Arnold isn't in this one, but in terms of the story, does he have to be?  It's basically what happens after judgement day occurs, fighting a bunch of machines in the future, which is a part of the terminator story that hasn't been fully explored.

Director of "Observe and Report" comments on rape scene

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This is from theoinion.com and their Audio Visual Club:

Audio Visual Club: In the Times piece, they describe the scene you’re talking about as Seth Rogen’s character forcing himself on Anna Faris. Is that how you perceived that scene?

Jody Hill: [Pause.] I dunno. I’ve always kind of liked scenes that you talk about how fucked-up they are. I would have been happy without any dialogue in that scene. I wanted to show them just having sex and her passed out, and I thought that would have been funnier. But I think I have a darker sense of humor than most people. So at the end, [Faris’ character] is okay with it. [Laughs.] And that was like, “I’ll shoot it both ways.” So I actually shot it both ways. I just kept the camera rolling.

There’s like a line that’s “We’re okay laughing, and you’re pushing the envelope.” But you’re not really pushing the envelope until you cross that line where a lot of people don’t go along with you. I tried to do it in a few scenes in this movie, where a lot of people aren’t going to go along with the film or with what we’re trying to do. Hopefully that means we’re actually pushing the envelope. [Laughs.] You know what I mean by that? I think if you’re really pushing the envelope, you have to not include everybody, if that makes sense. Or else it’s not really pushing the envelope.


PS:  If this was a gangster movie instead of a comedy would anyone even be talking about this date rape scene?


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