Funny People

Eric Bana steals the show - I didn't know he could be funny. Everyone else is funny too. It seems like Sandler is playing himself in a Larry David kind of way. I don't usually like Sandler movies & I never cared for his schtick from SNL onwards. I am grateful there is not an Opera Man movie. His occasional "serious" movies aren't that good either. Maybe he should do a Western or something. He seems to have tried everything else. In this movie he actually shines & he is in almost every scene. I also like his singing & the music throughout is interesting esp. the James Taylor cameo. This movie is a definite career changer for him - Oscar worthy if the Academy can go for it. Eric Bana definitely gives an Oscar worthy supporting performance.


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completely agree about Bana

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he was brilliant, and totally deserves a best supporting actor nomination, too bad the movie is not doing well at the box office.

My $0.02 on Funny People

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First 75 minutes were great - funny, observant, engaging, and truthful - but then it went for the love triangle angle and completely lost it.  Sure Bana was good, but his character, and most of that entire side storyline, didn't belong.   It just dragged down a well-paced-up-to-that-point movie to a screeching halt, and felt like something from a whole 'nother movie, in fact. 

Most of the critics seem to be in agreement on this, BTW. 


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