The future of voting is here: The Internet

The former Soviet-block state of Estonia is especially forward-looking when it comes to technology. In 2007, the country held the world's first general Internet election. Over the course of three days, Estonians could vote by placing their state-issued ID cards (which have an electronic chip) into a computer reader, entering two passwords, and then choosing their favorite candidates from a list. These votes were then encrypted, archived, stripped of personally identifiable information, and decoded.

About 30,000 people, or a bit less than 4 percent of the registered population, cast their ballots in this way. (The rest used polling stations.) Although computer scientists worried that Estonia's e-vote would be vulnerable to hacking, the experiment went off without a hitch, and surveys conducted afterward found high voter confidence in the election results.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  This is the future of democracy.  Soon we will not only use the Internet to vote for candidates, but we will also be able to use it to vote on initiatives and even on government budgets.





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All this talk of cracking down on voter fraud

Rajah's picture

Is nothing more than voter suppression

Are we going to let the Republicans fuck with the vote again?

Whatever method is used we still need a paper trail

I don't know if I'd trust the internet anymore that I trust these cockamaimie machines

How to protect online voting

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I think it would be possible to provide protection for online voting that would be better than what you could conceivably do for the type of computer voting we have now.

There are at least three main problems with computer voting in the USA.

1)  Lack of a paper trail

2)  Allowing private companies to operate the computer voting including the tabulation of votes. These companies are Republican and they cheat.

3)  A decentralized voting system run by county employees who are - to say the least - inexperienced with computers and software.

So here is how I would propose to overcome these problems with Internet voting.

1)  Each Internet voter could print out their own paper record of how they voted with a special tracking number included that could be verified by the central computer.

2)  Internet voting would mean that you could have a centralized system run by government employees protected by civil service from being fired or intimidated by politicians or other interest groups.  Since you would only need a small number of computer experts you could pay them very well which should help prevent them from being bribed.

3)  Each voter would have a special voting card that could be read by a card reader.  This would prevent someone from voting more than once. 

Rajah you are right about voter suppression.  The Republican party uses a practice called caging.  They try to get as many black and/or Democrat voters as they can struck from the voting roles for phony reasons.  A US Justice Department study found that Republicans were able to strike (cage) 50,000 voters from the roles in St. Louis, MO alone.  Just imagine how many they have removed from the entire country!

Remember people:  The Republican Party is a criminal organization with a Fascist ideology.

{;-) Dan in Miami

States rights vs the Fed

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Getting all the states to agree to one method is the trick. It's like they want chaos!

I'm all for getting rid of the Electorial College. I feel my vote doesn't count cause I live in a red state.


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~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


Obama's New Political Ad is Awesome!

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Great stuff, he should have run it earlier.

and also, it's official, I'm voting for Paris Hilton



oops, a bit off topic, as for voting...

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I don't think there's a virus they (the hackers) haven't though of that could ruin an election.

Vote early Vote often

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Don't vote Republican!

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