Georgia passes Road Kill Law

Is this to get Larry, Daryl and Daryl to move down to Georgia?

I'm sure this will encourage more "accidents" in the case of bears

So do I live in a redneck state or what?


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That's nothing. Take a look at Oklahoma's new

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roller coaster ride. I  wonder if Coaster has had the opportunity to ride it yet.

I'd go a step further

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FORCE those drivers to eat the animals they run over!


Fecking page won't load.

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~There ain't no Devil, just God when He's drunk.~


This item conjures up a clear mental image

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of Rajah outfitting his car with a bumper that can handle a cow and a trunk that can handle a top-loading meat freezer.

Do you know me at all?

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I wouldn't intentionally hit any animal

I remember overhearing when I was little two redneck older boys talking about going around neighborhoods targeting pet dogs. Many of the scumbags drive around with special protective grills on their trucks for that very thing. I always stop when I see a turtle crossing the road to help them cross and have been almost run down by people intentionally trying to run over them. Once took a vulture to the vet that had been hit while feeding on road kill. People are scum

True. I can no more picture you hitting an animal ...

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than I can picture you clicking on "Reply" to respond to a particular post.

Music time

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