Girl attempts suicide after watching Twilight

I know its a parody

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But she should have tried it before watching that piece of crap.

So is this our semi-official "LOL Twilight" thread?

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Because, if so: LOL, Twilight.

Double-LOL the line of dialogue, "I am a stupid lamb."  <:...(

Triple, nay, quadruple-LOL, Sparkly Vampires.

Sparkly.  Vampires. XD

My Niece REALLY Did Commit Suicide After The Twilight Movie...

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I know this is a parody as well and it bothered me that it was talked about in such a manner.

This past Sunday, January 4th, my little 15 year old niece, who was the apple of her daddy's eye, committed suicide.

Never, had we been concerned with her that way. She had received the entire Twilight book series for Christmas and read all the way through them quickly. She couldn't stop reading them. She saw the movie at Christmastime as well.

On Sunday afternoon, she was found. She'd taken her on life by hanging. She was wearing her favorite Twilight shirt. She signed her suicide note, "Living In Twilight, Bella".

I know that some people will think that I'm being too fanatical, but this movie and book series did something to my niece. It changed her overnight and it took her from her family way too soon.

We will never, never recover from the damage my niece's death has caused our family. All that we can do, is learn to cope with it.

I've never viewed the Twilight Movie and I never will, but if I had a child, I would do everything in my power to protect my child from this evil.

I hope this helps someone else, somehow.

Well then...

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I said, Dang me, Dang me
They ought to take a rope and hang me.
High, from the highest tree.
Woman would you weep for me
--Buck Owens

May God and the athiests in this place

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fogive me, for I wrote the blasphemy of the preceeding post. What came into me, I'll never know. Perhaps it was the spirit of God, or the 12 days of Christmas, or some long squiggly thing like the Spaghetti Monster. I'll never know.

What the fuck is this thing, a cult?

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Are the books asking them to do this?

Had no idea this could be for real

Of course you could, like you said, be putting us on

Sorry, if their parody touched on something that's really happening

I didn't know Buck Owens covered Roger Miller on that one

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Tell Buck, if you've got access to a good psychic, to leave King of the Road alone.

Dang me, hang me, I misquoted.

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So much for my internets abilities.

Thanks for pointing that out.


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Look at this christain bullshit. this is okay? "u ugly little whore?" thowing down the stairs? spankin with a bible. twighlit didnt make her hang her self. her envirment did. her parents bullshit reaction in the name of religion. distorted radical bullshit.

Amen, brother...

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Now get back in your trunk and think about how dirty your genitals are!!!  Maybe then Jesus will forgive you for having them.

You believe in hell, go there, you deserve it!

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I say that girl had every reason to kill herself!
Child Abuse (Throwing her down the stairs, spanking with a bible)
Fanatical Parents (A little freedom can't hurt anyone here)

The reasons for the girls reaction:

She thought she would go to heaven.
She realised that she had a crap life.
I wouldn't be surprised if she was in constant pain from beatings!

And I hereby SWEAR in the name of you CRAP UNEXISTANT GOD:

Jesus Christ, You are one fucked up git if you treat your family like that girls parents treated her!

I am glad this is a Parody...

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Because the whole website is no where near christian like! it made no sense to me, throwing down the stairs?! WWJD, not HCNWKU (How Chuck Norris Will Kill You)

You should read the e-mails they get

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There's a link on there

There are people who think the site is for real

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