Give me cholera now, lord!

Holy shit.  If anyayouz get suckered in to watching Love in the Time of Cholera, bring whiskey. Your're gonna cry anyhow form the pain, so you may as well get absurdly, irrationally, Irishly angry, too.  Maybe then your girlfriend will think twice about coming over, all pretty and shit, and asking you things like, "You ready to watch Love in the Time of Cholera?" 

<tilts head like a dog from one side to the next>

What? Do you even know me?

Didn't that book win an award or a thousand? And why did cholera in no way affect one person of consequence to the plot? 

The only things that kept me mildly rooted to sanity were the boobs and trying to picture Raul Julia as Gomez Addams in the male lead instead of captain stun-gun from No Country for (end credits). 


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