Glen Beck : Obama's call for Volunteerism = Communism

Glen Beck: My God, what an asshole.

Coaster's picture

I'm not watching another Beck video unless it's of him dying in a fire.

As you wish > Glen Beck catches fire

Rajah's picture

Well then, since boredom has crept in, let me treat you both

RidingFool's picture

to a lap dance! I'll buy, you tip.

Thanks, Fool

Coaster's picture

Now I can sit back and spend the rest of this workday imagining what it must be like to be the recipient of an $800 dollar lap dance. 

Yeah, I was kinda wondering at that 800$ premium too.

RidingFool's picture

Somehow, I think the guy must be a little light, considering the wad of home-made cash he was carrying around. Methinks the girls got a look at that roll in the bar where the lights are low, and figured he was worth a roll, so to speak.

What if the boobs are fake?

Rajah's picture

Isn't that an even trade?

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