Glenn Beck leaving Fox News


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Poor Daily Show

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He was such good fodder for Jon Stewart.


Yes, this is really the long-lost jen.  Rajah told me there's still some posting going on here...



Were you there at the Stewart/Colbert Rally?

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No :-(

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I was gonna go with Coaster and my neighbor Jerry and ex-roomie, Monica.  But, my tummy had been giving me troubles and I chickened out at the last minute.  They met up at my house and went together, although Jerry left early cuz he got separated from them and couldn't get back (too many crowds).   Coaster can tell you all about it, tho.  He was there!!!

A small amount of posting, by the same few...

TMundo's picture's an updated site, with no one to inhabit it, but why pull the plug, I think Cranky should keep writing Starbucks-like reviews, that drag in the Google search hits. 

I was there!!!!

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Of course, we were stuck in the trees and couldn't really see or hear anything, but it was a blast nonetheless.  We saw the whole thing on DVR later. 

bites that it took a loss of advertising revenue....

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to convince faux to ditch that lunatic.

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