God I loved watching McCain & Lieberman

side-by-each uncontrollably grinning and squirming at the prospect of sending American forces into Libya. They just couldn't contain themselves. Poor Candy (really?) Crowley had to grab onto their pantlegs as the two almost floated up to America's fundamentalist heaven - and they're not even dead yet.


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Want to avoid future wars?

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Pass a bill that states any future involvement in other countries there will be a war tax.

No, lets let the Libyans fight for their own freedom and in the future lets support a country's people instead of whatever petty tyrant is running it at the time

Guddaffi is horrible...

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...heard his mercenaries opened up on a funeral procession for one of the protestors.  A funeral procession?  This is the kind of stuff the world should go in to fight for if they must, unfortunately, all of our prior endevours hold up our involvement in this one.  Who are these mercenary groups.  My only knowledge of warriors for hire comes from playing Tom Clany's H.A.W.K.S. on me console.

Who the heck would want to be hired to kill innocent protestors, it's about the money I'm guessing.

I could go with a War Tax.

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But only for Big Business, rich people & Republicans (redundant?).


And any idiot middle-class, working-class & poor people who are actually for the war.



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~



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What is it good for?


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