The Godfather

Just rewatched this the other day.  Yeah, this *may* be the Greatest Movie Ever Made.  It's that good.  For starters, it simply gets richer with every viewing.  There are so many classic lines, including:

"I believe in America...."
"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."
"Leave the gun.  Grab the canolis."
"Never discuss business at the dinner table."
"It's a sign.  It means Lucca Brazze sleeps with the fishes." (my favorite)
"It's nothing personal, just business."  

Individually these lines don't sound like anything special, but within their proper context they just have that right ring.  Probably the most quotable dialogue since Casablanca.

I dunno.  I used to think that Part Two was better, but it's so damn long and this one just seems to have the best pacing.  And you have a character, Michael Corleone, who goes from a WWII hero courting a sweet schoolteacher and wanting nothing to do with the family business, to a cold-hearted killer and cut-throat businessman in just three hours - yet the transition doesn't seem rushed (in the movie, it's supposed to be over several years).  Great work in that role by Al Pacino, one of THREE Best Supporting Actor nominees from the same movie.

Really, I can't find a single thing wrong with The Godfather. 




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Godfather1 + Godfather2 = greatest gangster movies ever

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

The voter poll has them in second and third place respectively.

The last time I saw Francis Ford Coppola interviewed he kind of downplayed them.  He made a point of saying he wasn't interested in doing any more gangster movies. 

When Marlon Brando was interviewed he mentioned how he wasn't sure at first how to play an Italian gangster.  He said he didn't even know any Italian-Americans.  Well he sure learned fast.  The screen writer for the movies, Mario Puzo, obviously knew a tremendous amount about the Mafia.  His books are just as good or better than the movies.

{;-) Dan in Miami

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