Golden Globe nominations?

I'm happy for Doubt, The Reader, Benjamin Button, and Frost/Nixon (may check it out tonight), the three films which seem to have dominated the Globe nominations.  That said, there are a few surprises:

1) Oliver Stone's "W" being shut out in every category, especially Best Actor for Josh Brolin.  I think Stone's mistake here was ending the story too soon in W's career - he should've waited until after the election and closed it out with the Republiboobies losing to the Dems.  Even so, it was probably my favorite film of the year.

2) Keira Knightley being snubbed for Best Actress in The Duchess.

3) Though I personally am not surprised, many were shocked that The Dark Knight only received one nod, for Heath Ledger of course.

4) A nice surprise: Both Tom Cruise and Robert Downey, Jr. receiving Supporting Actor nods for Tropic Thunder.  Neither one will win, of course (go Heath!), and I doubt Cruise will make the cut come Oscar time...but still, it's nice to see comedic performances get recognized.

This year, the category to watch appears to be Best Actress in a Drama.  Angelina Jolie for Changeling, Kristen Scott Thomas for the excellent French indie I've Loved You So Long (I'm rooting for her), Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married, Meryl Streep for Doubt, and Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road (she and Streep are the front-runners at this point).

Wall-E is, of course, the favorite in the Animated Feature category, which still baffles me.  The film was pretty good until they introduced the blubbery talking humans - then it just was all over the map.  Whatever happened to Horton Hears a Who?  That one was great!

Anyway.  Discuss.




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Michael C. Hall and Dexter both were nominated. Again. Yeah!

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If I was like one of the other guys nominated for best actor in a TV series award and going up against Michael C. Hall, I'd be like, "Hello, Agent?  GET ME OFF THAT  F****** GOLDEN GLOBES NOMINEE LIST RIGHT F******* NOW!!!"  And they will, too, if they know what's good for 'em.  

The Wrestler

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The two critic guys, who nobody ever heard of, on At The Movies say that the best film they've seen this year is The Wrestler, staring Mickey Rourke.  They say this may be Rourke's finest.  Darren Aronofsky helms. 

Too late for the Globes.  But as we here in Crankyland say, "Who gives a shit about the Golden Globes?"  Oh wait.  HS does.  Never mind. 


The globes are typically a pre-cursor to the Oscars...

HS's picture terms of both winners and nominees.  I prolly won't watch the actual show, but I do pay attention to the nominees.




Heath Ledger

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He should be nominated for lead actor.

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