GOLDEN GLOBE Nominations

Any surprises?


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Miss Busty

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The big surprises are the complete shut-out of True Grit in all categories (I told you it looked boring!), and 127 Hours NOT getting a Best Picture-Drama nomination.  Also, many were expecting Mark Ruffalo to snag a Supporting Actor nomination for The Kids are Alright.  But that's it, really.  Actor, Actress, Director, Screenplay: no surprises here (except for the absence of Jeff Bridges and Helen Mirren). 

I know much less about the TV side of the awards and can't really comment on those.



127 hours

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in a movie theater is not my cup of tea, unless food and water is provided.

the comedy noms were a fucking joke

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but that was probably the point.

Big Surprise

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The Golden Globe noms were announced?  No shit? 

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