Good article from the SF Chronicle about why the "Best Picture" Oscar winner often isn't the BEST Picture.

Eraserhead should have won over Annie Hall

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It was completely ignored by those snobs at the Academy

What about Star Wars, Rajah?

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BTW, read some of the flaming posts in response to the SF Chronicle critic's article.  People are so stupid sometimes.



Star Wars

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It didn't win because of that gay robot

I have no problem with the Oscars being more populist

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There are plenty of other awards and movie festivals to give credit and attention to the artsy fartsy movies.  The Oscars are meant to be the movie industries' big blowout.  It's an industry not an art house.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Maybe they should have a special Oscar for the movie that is the most innovative as opposed to most popular?

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