Good God, I really hate this woman!

She's the antithesis of everything I believe in

She's like fingernails dragged down the blackboard of my soul



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She's got more guts and character in her pubic hair....

Nuke_Mecca's picture

...than you could ever acquire in a lifetime.


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Would an industrial strength douche take care of that?

Sure, Rajah....

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...just show her your face.


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The only thing worse than a 'dozens' troll is an Ann Coulter clone 'dozens' troll...

I had a fairly high opinion of Alaskans overall, until she came along. I mean, Jee-zus!

She would have been quite the shitty president, and

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all the name calling here doesn't belie that fact.  She continually complained during the campaign and still continues complaining to this day of "gotcha" journalism.  Well, I've got some news:  There's a whole world out there waiting to play gotcha when you're sitting in the most powerful seat of power in the known universe and Palin was not equipped to handle it.  Michael Palin, perhaps, but certainly not Sarah. 

In the previous eight years, we've suffered enough due to leadership based ignorance and faith, the very qualities Dubya and that cute li'l pit viper up in Alaska embody. 

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