Government: Keeping Health Care Unaffordable

The criminal NY state government has shut down Dr. John Muney's innovative practice, which offered unlimited office visits, some tests, and in-office surgeries, for $79 a month, on the grounds that he does not have an insurance license.

But remember, health-care is unaffordable 100% because the market is out of control.


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This is a common trend. And

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This is a common trend.

And now you read about more and more doctors withdrawing from the insurance system altogether, and taking only cash. And they're only charging $10 to $15 a visit. The money they save in bureaucratic overhead is substantial.

If insurance companies are the health care problem...

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...then wouldn't a government (taxpayer) funded health care system be the solution?

Or maybe the government could pay for the poor for small costs and for everyone (except for the rich) for very large medical bills?

What we are doing with health care now in the USA just doesn't work.

{;-) Dan in Miami




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...dentists in TN made it illegal to sell whitening products in the mall without a license to practice detistry.  I love America. You always, always, always know who is going to win.

Hint: they're the ones with the dough.


But things are looking up, I'd say.  The average Joe is no longer interested in what license you may or may not have. And they don't care much for banks, or insurance companies, or anybody who isn't going to make this bloated buraucracy masquerading as a government streamline itself.  Should be an interesting few years.

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