The Grammy's proves it's corporate driven-ness once again? can't fool me, when you pick artists that many people haven't heard of, I know you're just doing it because you see a potential market for them, you're not picking them because they really are that good.  I mean that there english group that one a grammy for best rock, they haven't tapped the american market yet, but they certainly sound a lot like Depeche Mode, but even though Depeche Mode has the american market, they aren't together anymore, so just take a similar sounding group, and market them instead.

Eminem had a line in one of his older songs that was a big dis to the Grammy's:

"You think I give a damn about a Grammy, half of you critics can't stomach me, let alone stand me."

"But Slim, what if you won, wouldn't it be weird?"

"Why? So you guys could lie just to get me here..."


I never forgot those lines, and I never forgot that same year when Eminem won best rap album, and got up, put on his reading glasses, and thanked everyone in a long list of people involved in his album,  instead of simply stating what he had said in his song.  He proceded to give two middle fingers up after his performance with elton John that night, he pulled a no-show when his song for 8-Mile was nominated for best song for a movie.  I give him credit for snubbing the industry where he could, but really, the industry seems to be about making points, giving pats on the back, and marketing where they can.  And the Grammy's is the place for that.  Does an artist win because they are the best at what they do? Or does the Grammy corp give awards to people because they can get a benfit from it.

My parents also pointed out that up until most recently, nearly everone involved in the grammy shopw was black, I pointed out that up until recently, rap music wasn't allowed to be a genre.  Yes, the biggest selling musical genre in america was only accepted by the Grammys as a real genre under a decade ago if I'm not mistaken.  I wonder if that was the trade off?

I simply can't believe that how acts win was that blurb they put on the screne at the end of the show.  The grammy corp has a rather large opportunity to influence sales when they announce their winners, I don't think they'd pass that up to random chance, do you?

Eminem one best rap album again this year, and even he was suprised, he probably thought his album sucked, he seemed unprepared and bewildered, and even a bit upset by the news.  I half expected him to throw the grammy at the audience, he even stated, "this is crazy," before speaking, but again, he read the list of people to thank and ran off the stage looking quite angry.  I think he was genuinely pissed about winning.

Rianna won best song by a new artist a few years back, she then appeared at the grammy's again with a black eye her boyfriend had given her a few nights before.  She then did a song with eminiem about accepted domestic violence, not unaccepted, accepted, as in a person that stays in a relationship where battery occurs.  Watch the video, "I love the way you lie" and tell me what you think, why did Rihanna do that song, why was that song pounded into our heads at the Grammy's, why was Rihanna on stage so much?

If Lady Gaga won best album, do you think she would have sold any more copies? She already has sold so many, nobody needs to buy her album because everyone owns it already.  Well, I don't but come on.

County music won quite a lot of awards for the same group, and same song, Lady Adellumblahblahbonitaapplebum.  Again, country isn't the biggest seller I guess, but with a few crossover pop songs, a few people that don't enjoy country can be tricked into buying some country albums.  What is the difference between best song and best record and why did Lady Addenburrough win both awards for the same song?

Lady Gaga is almost a marketing genius, I wonder if she knows anything about overexposure, her staying power will be detirmined by this.  She's been selling for two years on the same album, and has spotted the two years with extremely outrageous appearances.  The last person to make that much fame off the same album for two years was Allanis Morriset.  She wasn't outrageous, except her second album which featured her naked body inside the album, and the video which featured her naked and walking around town.  I guess people wanted all of her, and she gave it to them.  I predict people will be sick and desensitised to Gaga's outrageousness, she will have to do something new to keep them interested, but she's already been doing new all year long and, well...

Justin Beiber's label is trying to educate the audience on where he came from and how he got into music, right now everyone thinks he's just a corporate, label-driven musician, that has no talent and is only a scam produced by the companies.  The kid does have talent, but that doesn't change the fact that the record companies are using him to make money in the teen-pop genre.  I kinda feel sorry for Justin, once his appeal is lost, what will happen then?

Esperanza on the string bass singing, wow, that looks new and interesting.

I had no idea Sade was still making albums.

That was a low blow that Miley Cyrus joke.

The three kids in B.O.B are more talented than any other kids I've seen, yet the act they were in they could never have produced on their own, still, very talented.

Will Smith, Parents just don't understand, you get a free pass because I enjoyed that song when I was a kid, and I'd consider doing what you're doing for your kids, just keep em safe, aighht?

Country music has meaningful lyrics, but I still can't listen to it cause the of the music, that's a weird thing to say.  I hope I can enjoy some of it, cause they have some REAL things to say in those songs, but I just can't stand it sometimes.

What, no latin music this year?  has that genre been exploited to the fullest?  Is that why Ricky Martin was only a side presenter? His american career cross-over was kicked off at the Grammy's.  He was around for years beforehand, performing in Latin America, and yet the only recollection anyone had of him was from Menudo, funny though, after that Grammy performance, that was it, he was solidified as an american superstar within weeks.

So, are the grammy's choosing their winners and performers because they love music and want the best musicians to be showcaseed?  Or are they just marketing?






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