Guys, if you could perform oral sex on yourself, would it be considered a gay act?

I know it'd be your own dick and all, some would say no it'd be no more gay than jerking off is, but if someone ever asked you if you'd ever sucked cock, you'd have to say yes.

(does this qualify as everything else?)


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I think that if you could suck your own cock,

Mal_Content's picture

you'd be feeling too mellow to care whether or not it's considered gay. You'd also be bragging about it, not admitting it. And just think of all the money you'd save on dates ;D

It sounds like

Kangagang's picture

somebody has been watching 'Clerks'...

If you think Masturbation is gay

Critico's picture

then yes, if not no.

I think it's kinda like housework.

RidingFool's picture

If you can get a woman to do it, why do it yourself?

But this way you won't have to tell yourself...

Mal_Content's picture

you'll still respect you in the morning. If I was a guy and I could blow myself, I'd be spending a lot of time alone.

Elderly gentlemen

RidingFool's picture

respect everyone in the morning.

Isn't that why men take yoga classes?

Rajah's picture

I still don't think it's physically possible although these women do seem limber enough>

^^ Clearly Rajah doesn't watch enough Internet porn!

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Ron Jeremy can do it. I've seen the proof. It was shortly before I went blind due to an unfortunate incident involving my hand, my eyes, and some steel wool.

Poor Xur.

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Have you gotten over the nightmares yet? To make it worse, imagine that creep teaching your children.

TMundo, I believe the device you're referring to is called ...

Rajah's picture

A didgeridoo

This act would be under the heading of autoerotica

Here's a question > if you had sex with a (Real Doll) would that be considered cheating on your wife?

Not to brag or anything, but I've had sex with more than a few

RidingFool's picture

real dolls, and yes, it would have been cheating.

Oh hell, I'm bragging.

And it was cheating.

But only because they were actually rather limber and didn't smell of rubber compounds.

Not gay.

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Difficult, though...

You women have it easy...

TMundo's picture

..just take an oblong shaped object, sterilize and insert, repeat. Men, we don't have the option of finding a hole around the house that can accomplish that sort of job.

God, TMundo!

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You've been married long enough to know that there's a bit more to it than that. What's wrong with using your hands, btw?

But they DO make *guy objects*

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Not that I go into naughty shops or anything... but I've heard... that the same manufacturers who sell Lady's pleasure products also make stuff for guys (think round soft objects with openings in them).

Not that I go into those stores.

Okay, maybe once in college...

But do I think sucking one's own dick is gay? Not gay. Although I bet it might ruin the element of surprise for him. He'd know what to expect at all times, which might be less fun.

You hedonists - if you'll pardon the fun, err, pun -

RidingFool's picture

have all the answers.

I know there are devices one could order

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but you women can just go to the fridge and grab a cucumber, or go to the counter and grab a banana, or go to the liquor cabinet and grab a bottle of corazon tequila, or...

you see what I mean? Men can't find household objects perfect for masturbation. The odds are against us, although a nice ol' pillow will work wonders.

I don't get it

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What do you mean "If"?

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!)

Probably not. I'm not much

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Probably not. I'm not much for receiving oral in general. No pussy involved = I'm not interested.

Adam Carolla had an interesting take on this one. He said, "You probably wouldn't give a hand job to another guy. But when you do it to yourself, is it gay?"

Given my level of flexibility, this is probably a moot question anyway. It's kind of like asking, "If you had a trillion dollars, would you hire a new call girl every night." I dunno... give me a trillion dollars and we can find out. Oh, you don't HAVE a trillion dollars? Well, guess we'll never know. ;]


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I don't think I wanna eat salad at your house!

It's only gay if

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You take your shirt off and dance to techno before blowing yourself. If you take the time to shave your chest and junk, it's gay extra-credit.

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