Hacker a-holes

TV Tropes Wiki has been hacked.  (It was fun while it lasted.)  Here's the only unaffected thread: tvtropes.org/pmwiki/ykttw.php

Certainly, this sucks anyway.  But as with Wallee's "Privacy" post, it also stands as a nasty reminder for our hosts.  All it takes is some tiny overlooked detail that lets some completely insane assclown pull the rug out from under a newly-hatched website.  Something to keep in mind before our official launch.


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Perhaps we're safe

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The new management are Internet pros. I was more worried about spamming than I was hacking, and this site just may be Hammy/YouPee-proof. I'll bet a hacker would have a difficult time gaining entry. As for privacy issues, I've either been lucky or just cautious enough. In all my time here, and as free as I am (to a certain extent) with my personal information, I've never suffered due to a breach. I do agree with Wallee that it's best not to reveal your identity to a stranger, as it's hard to gage just who a person is by their internet persona. For instance, you'd have no idea from my posts over the years that I'm actually a Republican activist and an Evangelical Southern Baptist.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


^^^ Too true.

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The Republican activist and Evangelical Southern Baptist part.

I always suspected you were a Creationist, Coaster.

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Your secret's safe with me.


That's why whenever I log in...

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...I always keep a hammer handy. One of those spam-hacks even LOOKS sideways at my info and it's WHAM WHAM WHAM. (tinkle, springy noise, fizzle)

Thanks, Nessie.

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Now I have nine separate tabs open on TV Tropes. I'm trapped, trapped I tells ya!


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It is an excellent website and I, on behalf of everyone there, welcome your contributions - but listen. Get an egg timer. Set it for one hour. Start it up whenever you find yourself there. When the timer dings, leave TV Tropes and then go outside and walk around the block or something.

Otherwise, you won't even notice the time that's gone by until you ask yourself, "gosh it's late for those robins to start singing... oh, shit is that the sun?"

I say we encase Coaster in block of ice.

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Tow him off the coast of Alaska and leave him with Sarah Palin until after the election.

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