Hannity & Colmes being blatantly racist


Is this whole channel a bunch of trolls that only want to start argumenmts as a method of acheiving ratings? Are these guys for real?  Talk about hijacking a topic of debate.  What is the topic here?


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I'm thinking that if Spike wants to make his own movies

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and include as many blacks as he can fit onto an IMAX screen, he should feel free to do so, any way he pleases and as fast as he can. It would be a pretty quick way to go broke in Hollyweird, but so be it.

Spike can probably get funding for his movies from civil rights lawyers who have nothing better to do than appear on teevee and whine and snivel about, umm something or other.

Al Jolson did pretty good blackface. I wish we could see more of his movies at an IMAX theater.

Mammy, how I love ya, how I love ya, mammy...

Speaking of fried chicken, the double down is coming to Canada. YaY!


Spike Lee had a point

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You have to be accurate when making a movie about history especially about events where people died.

At least Eastwood had orientals portraying orientals not some white guys made-up to look oriental.

Perhaps Eastwood was following a certain unit in that battle. Blacks and white fought in separate units in that war. It wasn't until after WWII that the military was integrated.


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Lee made a movie about NYC in 1977 (SUMMER OF SAM) with no reference to STAR WARS:  A NEW HOPE!

BTW, have you ever noticed that characters in Lee's movies have a way of doing what the plot requires them to do?  Like in JUNGLE FEVER, where Wesley Snipes confided to his friend (played by Lee) that he was having an extramarital affair, and Lee was then careless enough to tell his own wife, who promptly blabbed to Snipes' wife, who threw him out.

But I'm looking forward to Lee's new documentary about post-Katrina New Orleans.


I wonder

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if there will be any white people in his New Orleans docudrama.

I must disagree. I don't think Spike Lee has a point.

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However, if Mr. Lee wants to make a movie about the subject from Mr. Lee's point of view, he's more than welcome to go ahead and make it. That will give him the editorial control to present as many "black people" as he choses to, from his point of view.

You never know what's going on in the background with those Hollywierd types. I'm thinking that perhaps Lee has a bone to pick with Eastwood, probably concerning something he might have pitched/offered collaboration on in the past. Perhaps Eastwood showed him the door.

Whatever the reason, here's the bottom line:

Eastwood made a movie. Someone paid to see it. I expect it made money for the studio. Eastwood will, based on that success, receive funding for his next project.

Were I Spike Lee, I'd keep trying to do whatever it is I try to do. Does anyone know what that is?


Hey, his name is Spike

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Spikes are pointy!

THAT was funny!

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In reference to the commentators...

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When one of them realizes he's loosing ground, his buddy chimes in by changing the arguing point, but he does bring up an interesting point.  Spike lee has a history of making racist complaints, but on the issue itself, the film should be accurate, I wonder how many black folks were there.

Note: Most films aren't accurate simply due to the fact that they need to be perfectly entertaining, the directors and writers strive for a perfection and beauty that history doesn't necessarily offer.  Unless you're talking about a realistically shot flick.

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