A happy medium between vegans & meat eaters...

Someone I just befriended on youtube sent me this, and I was like, my God! This is great!  It really opened my eyes.  Now before you think I'm getting all shoving my christianity around on you, well, that's not my intent.  My intent is that you take a look at some of this footage.



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Factory farms are responsible for alot of biopolution

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Friendly ole Mr. Green Jeans running his family farm is a myth. It's all corporations now. Is it too much to ask an animal have a life before you kill it?

Sad, isn't it?

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I'd actually like to switch to regular farm raised stuff now.  Hmmm...I'm actually eating shot, smoked goose at the moment.  And I got some local venison in ther fridge.


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 I thought this post was going to be about bacon.  If we can't find common ground there, it's all hopeless.

I'll take

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a medium-rare steak (so it doesn't overheat the cow and cause any distress), a rasher of crisp bacon (since it should be well-cooked), a couple of butterfly bangers and a dollop of that little piggie that fell off the truck because I like my roadkill fresh!

As far as those downer cattle go, prop them up and get them over to England while they're still kicking. They've got so many mad cow infested brains over there they'll never notice.

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