Hard Candy sucked balls

What an excrutiatingly excrutiating bunch of nothing-goin-on-here.  Why make a movie where the audience (me) hates everyone in it?  I mean, if you're rooting for a pedophile to just kill the little punk, then there is something wrong with..uh...the..um... movie?  Right?  I dunno, but anything even remotely related to Saw must be destroyed...along with Saw.


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It sucks alright

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It doesn't help that Patrick Wilson is one of the worst actors in Hollywood.

Hey hey, lay off my man

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Hey hey, lay off my man Patrick there!    


I saw "Hard Candy" on the big screen...The scene where the kid is "castrating" Patrick Wilson was excrutiating..




The cockpit.. what is it?

are you kidding me?

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about Patrick, name something where he is good?, funny thing he is sort of successful in broadway musicals.

I thought he was good in

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I thought he was good in "The Alamo"....


And he was the first Raoul in "The Phantom of the Opera" that actually caught my eye as an interesting character!


The cockpit.. what is it?

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