Has anyone encountered this Anti-Virus program?

When I click on various websites this fucker will pop up out of nowhere wanting you to install their crappy Anti-Virus program. It knocks you off the internet and pretends to scan your system then tells you you're loaded with viruses and spyware. Of course it's lying and just wanting you to install their program. This thing really pisses me off. It's real invasive and nasty. I encounted it today when I clicked on Crankys. Whatever you do don't click on it. When I've run across it before I just turn off my computer. I don't know if it's something Jazzdrive can get rid of, I don't know how these things work. I thinking it's something that can attach itself to websites.


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Not sure, Raj

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I had a problem recently with some compu-aids thing gummin up my works.  Kept popping up new browser windows and generally slowed everything to a crawl. This is the only thing that finally worked:


goodah ruck.

Apparently that's what it is a fake Anti-Virus/Spyware program

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Yeah, one hell of a way to advertize, piss people off so they'll buy your fake program? No way is this thing legit. I wonder how it knocks you off the internet.

Riding Fool found another website that helps get rid of these bastards. The post is in Everything Else.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this

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I read an article several years ago about the self proclaimed "King of the Russian Spammers." The story was about him being found in his Moscow apartment beaten to death. It made me smile.

Damn!  I just realized it still does.  I'm a bad person.

In the off chance it's from your computer...

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...you can try to run your ad-aware software of virus scanner in safe mode. I've heard that works sometimes.

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