Has anyone seen The Grey?

Liam the Awesome continues to dominate the big screen


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Spreading lies about wolves

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 Think I'll pass

I saw the trailer!

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It was trash. Wolves? Really? There hasn't been a good wolf story since someone wrote about Romulus and Remus. Now doesn't that sound like an Amos 'n' Andy re-broadcast?

Hungry wolves? Really? Man against the elements? A dog's nose in a blizzard? I'm thinking they lose their snowshoes somewhere along the trail. Or, they stop and make snowshoes out of shoelaces and tree branches. Fire. We need fire too. Does the howling wind blow it out? Many images of hungry wolves with noses raised, sniffing the air for food or something. We gotta have much howling. And more fire. Wolves afraid of fire. Scary fire. More howling. Do we get to see the wolves sniffing their asses and licking themselves? Good. Give us some of that too so the tree-huggers will think its more authentic. PETA. Can we get naked PETA girls written in too?

I quite enjoyed the opening of The Jack's wolf movie. The street lights were reflected across the moving car's curved windshield, resembling teeth.


I was abducted by a grey.

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Oh yeah!

I would have been surprised

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but Liam the Lachrymose fits with your self-proclaimed love of Avatar.  So to answer your question, not even as a dodge to avoid seeing the remotest chance of him reprising his tour de force as Zeus in the Titans sequel 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


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