Have you been wondering who the hot babe is in the T-Mobile 4G commercials?

No? Well, it's a good thing Rajah answers these burning questions for you

Her name is Carly Foulkes and yesssssssssssssss she is droolerific! Too bad she's Canadian...



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I do, however, want to know who the fuck "The McCann Twins" are, so I can hunt them down and use a bolt-gun on them.




[Well, thanks to El Google, it has been revealed that they are indeed one actor portraying both brothers. Saves me some effort.]


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


"They" like Canadians.

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It doesn't take much retraining to teach a Canadian how to speak Engrish. Especially when the Canadian has dark hair, dark eyes and has a nice little rackette going on.

Hey, I put up some nice tasteful pics of her!

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I see some definite boobage showing in yours


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she is a tasty-looking little thing, isn't she?

Here she is with some girly man

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I'm sure she'd love to meat The General someday and experience what manliness is all about.

That girly man just happens to be a member

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of the Thirteen Reptilian Illuminati Luciferian Families. The Luciferian insanity is soon to be upon us all! (One year later in Canada, apparently.)


Even the Milk Carton Kids are part of it. Who'da known? Plus,

There's no time! There's no time!

No mention is made of free healthcare.

Only our belief in the Time Cube will save us

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Singularity is evil

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