Heartwarming Billy Elliot

The Watson couple that is Nick and Karen Watson is very shocked when they discover that their baby named Aaron had a hole in his heart since the day he had been born almost12 years ago. Little did they knowat that time that almost ten years later their son is going to be dance his way on to the West End stage as the main character of Billy Elliot and will be amusing audiences from all across the globe.
The play is an adaptation of the hit movie of the same name that is "Billy Elliot" tells the heartwarming story of a miner's son who finds himself battling not only gender but also class stereotypes in order to pursue his love that he has for dancing and pursuing a career in it. The play has been splendidly directed by the British phenomenon named Stephen Daldry (who is also the director of hit movies named "The Reader" and the very popular "The Hours" and also the "An Inspector Calls" on the stage). The choreographer for it is the very talented Peter Darling, who has made the cast dance to several family-friendly hit spins that have been awesomely performed to the music given by the legendary singer and musician named Elton John. The show is scheduled to open on the 13th of September in the following year that is 2011. If you want see this show live so you can buy cheap billy Elliot tickets and get the real fun. The venue that has been decided for it is the Orpheum Theatre and the closing date has yet not been decided. Billy Elliot is one of those musicals that will stay with you for a very long time even after you have seen the show.


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