Help support Norm Coleman

I'm sending him a box of turd sandwiches. How about you?

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Of those shown, I can only generate a bit of respect for Graham

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This is either because he expresses his views of what's genuinely best for America in a mostly non-partisan manner or because he sounds eerily like Fred Rogers.  It must be the latter as Lindsey Graham was the most vocal manager in that colossal partisan waste of national resources known as the Clinton Impeachment.  As for the rest of those clowns, I'm sick to death of their incompetend partisan hackery, and they are totally deserving of a large part of the blame for dragging this country through the smoldering garbage pit of the Bush Years. 

It's telling that in those gushing testimonials, not one mention was made of anything Coleman has actually done in Washington.

I've given to the Franken campaign three times:  Once when he was a candidate, and twice during his ongoing legal battle to be the junior senator from Minnesota.   

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