Here ya go

Mr. Yahoo Critic/Bitch should actually see thise movies first

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The "scene" he talked about in Hancock never happened.  There was no fight followed by a kiss in front of the husband.  The latter occurred clearly long after the husband knew the score.  Furthermore, the twist made the movie, but Little Yahoo Bitch wouldn't have known that. Evidently, Jayson Blair lives. 


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I just thought some of the comments were funny, didn't mean to piss-you-the-fuck off at all.


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My comments weren't a reflection on you.  I appreciate your posts: The variety, the humanness, and their general interesting nature.  I mean, come on, this is a movie board and most of the people here don't even know who Gamera is.

Like Dirty Harry said in Heartbreak Ridge, "You can kick me, you can beat me, you can shoot me, but just don't bore me."

Isn't he the giant turtle shooting fire out its butt?

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Ooooooo scary!


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but thanks for playing

Is there another Gamera besides the one in the japanese monster

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There can be only one

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and there is.  The one, the only, the guardian of the universe, the friend to all children, it's GODDAMN GAMERA.

Son of Godzilla likes children too

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