Here's a feller in Congress that's putting it to 'em.

It will be interesting to see how Obama ends the war

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So far it doesn't look like Obama is out for revenge. He's letting Lieberman go and will probably let Bush and Cheney off the hook.

No drama Obama

I think he sees he has much more pressing problems than going after those crooks. He's too busy cleaning up their mess

Besides Bush and Cheney are leaving office in disgrace and Lieberman has dug his own hole

I thought about it myself...

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...I think Obama has more pressing issues to deal with.  Someone told me the new attorney general might go after them, but I honestly don't see it happening before the economy is fixed, and the Iraq war is ended.

Ted Koppel claimed that going into Iraq was just another way of maintaining a presence of american troops in the middle east, since we were getting kicked out of Saudi Arabia.  According to him, we've always had a presence there, and Iraq was just another way of maintaining that presentce.  He said that Obama was going to have to come to that realization.

Personally I think we'll have a certain amount of troops that will remain there, but that most of them will be pulled out, and in switching over to alternative forms of energy, maybe we won't need to be there anyway.  That seems to be why we're over there.

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