Hey everybody

It's jen... old-time cranky poster.  Rajah told me things were still happening here so I thought I'd drop in to say hello!  Maybe I can start posting again.   I need something to keep my mind off of work at work!  :-)

How is everyone doing??  This place isn't the same without my nemesisises (Buffy reference) X-man and grundle...


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Happening is a relative term

Rajah's picture

it is more active than your local morgue

But a  handfull still post here

I wouldn't mind X-Man or grundle coming back it would give me someone to torment

I tried to convince The Innocent Bystander to come back . He said he would if grundle wasn't around

You post while at work? OMG!

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Great to see you back here. 

How about a group hug?  WATCH THE HANDS, JEN!

Hey, Jen

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So good to see you here. How's life with the critters?

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