Hey, Gang.

Once upon a time when Cranky's had a much larger userbase, self-referential fan-fiction and basement threads, there was a poster who wrote in the character of what I can only describe as an autistic extradimensional hedgehog on an acid trip.


I'm pretty sure it was actually a reg screwing around, but that's not something I care about -- the only thing I remember for certain was that the character used the word "plinky" (I think) with great regularity. This has become imbedded in my brain like Tigger's dick in Piglet's ass.


I can't recall the handle this stuff was posted under. Help a brother out?


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That was before my time.

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You're only hope amont the few remaining regulars is Fearless Freep or The Crankstir hisself. 

Hope all is well in Wolfgarland. 

I honestly don't remember

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It wasn't me anyway.


Someone should have catalogged it all

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I'd especially like to relive the time Cranky banned X-Man and he pitched a fit

It was Ender

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Plinky yes?, and i don't remember the name of the regular poster but it was a girl who Grundle had a crush on, she used to live in New Orleans while Katrina, and is in some sort of tribal dance studio.


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I could kiss ya, brah!



Ender! Oh, memmmmmoriiiiiies...


Chica; Chica was Ender.


Reading Ender's posts was better than drugs.



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


Chica? I think that was the handle

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Riding Fool knows her I believe


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she is the one.


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not really.

Didn't mean knowing like in the bible

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