Hey History Channel

go FUCK yourself.

There aren't that many American traditions I bother with really, but there are a few I can understand or believe you just shouldn't mess with.  A few examples:

I'm all for free speech, yeah even for the triple K folk, Faux News, and the wannabe Hitler youth in Skokie and elsewhere.  But when Roseanne obliterated the anthem in San Diego it crossed a line.  It disrespects those who serve(d), and frankly those who are/have been protected by them.  If you don't want to honor the nation and the flag and those who serve(d) with the anthem, fine, turn down the offer, no one is going to think anything about it, make something up if you do, but don't do a Roseanne in that setting.

In the same vein, the Westboro Baptist dipshits.  Protesting military dead at their funerals because your rendition of christanity demands it?  Just on the surface, I could point out that the separation of church and state precludes the whole god's nation crap, that I don't have to cross picket lines to buy lobster, and that a family's grief of a fallen family member should be at least somewhat 'sacred', but what the hell?  If, IF, the family protested the war and the sending of their child to it for religious reasons AND they wanted this form of protest, ok, it would be weird as hell, but ok.  Otherwise, it's just blathering morons disgracing themselves and what they represent.

I could go on but you're bored by now, so on to my point as to why the History Channel. or History as they are billed now, can fuck themselves.  Memorial Day weekend on 'History'.  War movies, tales of heroism, military hardware, studies of leaders, and much much more giving us a solid weekend of pride in our history and those who served.  Right?  Nope.  Not even close.  We got an entire 60+ hours of Pawn Stars reruns.  You're fucking joking right turtleboy, just being an ass huh.  No, I'm not.  Pawn Stars all weekend, except, EXCEPT, for Monday evening.  Monday evening we get 'Hatfields and McCoys' with Bill 'Hudson' Paxton and Kevin 'Dances with Avatar' Costner.  Really?  That is History's tribute to the servicemen and women of the nation?  The American semi-kind-of-version of the Montagues and Capulets?  I couldn't care less about it's ratings and appeal and critical reviews and anything else.  You had 360 or so other days on the calendar to fit this into.

History, made every day.  Yep, it sure can be.  Yet its programming endeavors manage to ensure that history is trivialized to meaninglessness.

History, History Channel, whatever, A&E, Disney Corp, anyone else involved with your incessant crap, go fuck yourself.

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I really don't see why you're whining

elderly_gentleman's picture

about the esteemed history channel. Where the hell else are you going to get Porn Stars, American Pricks, a dead guy and his hottie blonde girlfriend in reruns getting a little shrunken head and buying mummys, old aliens, and the Shat?

Who the hell wants to watch endless grainy, converted-to-video black and white re-runs of endless World War II stupidity on all sides? Fer chrissakes, the  only thing worse than WWII b&w video - if that can even be possible - is grainy car-cam shots of police chases with the voice-over of America's most-not-wanted crackhead droning on and on and on and on.

But I digress.

Personally, I'd rather watch more recent invasion videos by some second-rate nation jack-booting through a dust storm in the middle east because it believed a single, indistinguishable sand dune was responsible for 9-11. It's far more amusing. Although, the bullshit propaganda that one is forced to listen to does get rather tiresome at times.

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