Hey, my posts aren't showing up

Something wrong with my engrish?


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I just figured it out.  All that typing last night wasted...sigh.


Xur's picture

I see two posts from you right here. Try typing with the keyboard on your desk, not the one in your head. 


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You're here!  And you're sober!   How's married life, btw?  Or are you married yet?  Or does the fact that you're posting mean you've already been married waaaaay too long?

Not married

Xur's picture

Not going to be married.

Not ever.

*sobs in the corner* 

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.

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Although, I personally find marriage to be highly overrated.

A good reason to get married

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Misery loves company!

Oh, just find yourself a good woman

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And whatever you do, don't let your wife find out about her.

But but but all the women are good.

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It's just that some are more scrumptious than others.

Maybe so...

Xur's picture

I wouldn't know.

*sobs in corner* 

C'mon, peeps. Cowboy (or cowgirl) up!

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Roy Rogers loved Dale Evans so much

Rajah's picture

He had her stuffed and set next to Trigger

And all this time

RidingFool's picture

I thought she was Trigger.

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