Hey, is the Old Cranky's erased forever?

 I e-mailed Shwdowculture last week, but no reply.  Now that’s a shame – I liked the idea of it floating out there in space forever, all those squabbles, allegiances and chitter-chatter frozen in time. But all is grass, hey? 


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I tried to access the old flame wars

Rajah's picture

And came up blank

Well, that's odd

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I added a comment here earlier and now it's gone. Anyway, Rajah, try substituting randallgaz for shadowculture in the old URLs.

Will make it damn near impossible to stumble across the glory days - you'll have to get a snowshoes and Sherpa guide - but at least the posts are still out there. 

Google cache?

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I'm not sure how it works but you could try Google caches.  And the Internet Time Capsule.

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